The Answer Will Shock You

Note: This piece was originally published at Trigger Warning in 2019. With the TW site currently inactive, I have republished it here.

The bracelet on Peter’s arm pinged for the second time already on his run, sending a very slight shock throughout his body, the same he imagined his dog got when he passed through the apartment building’s electric fence. He rolled his eyes and stopped, scarcely even short of breath. At this rate, he had no chance of getting a decent workout in. The police drone approached him, its ovoid body slowly hovering about…

I Shouldn’t Have to Say this AGAIN, but here We are

God you’re so fucked up

How can I ever stop your endless fall?


Think scarlet looks good?

Crimson’s a much better shade

God you’re so fucked up


You’re such a damn mess

Like a shit job where I’m always on call


You think Earth is round?

It’s an oblate sphere you dunce

God you’re so fucked up


Are you ever right?

Fixing you’s a task that may be too tall


You praise Artemis?

Please. Diana usurped her

God(s) you’re so fucked up



The Faith-Based Split Between Star Wars Fans

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Countless columns, YouTube videos, and podcasts have been published about how “the culture war” has created a split in the Star Wars fanbase. These pieces often center the “debate” around an actor’s tweets, a director’s tweets, and on rare occasions, something actually about the films, shows, books, video games, and comics.

In my view, the people making this argument are being shortsighted. It places far too much focus on what the creatives behind the series say instead of what they create, or for that matter, destroy, as well as how those creative choices shape fans’ views of the series. The…

Starvation before Subsistence

Note: This is Part Five of the Collision series. You can read Part Four here. If you’re new to the series, you can read Part One here.

The island was starving. It needed food yesterday. And the week before that. The booming archipelagoes of Artis were not a place for the weak, especially not on the island that hired Captain Pertin and his wandering crew. He laughed to himself, remembering how he ended up sailing an ancient ship on an endless ocean looking for a myth.

He remembered an old spacer talking about a pre-fab city that…

E Pluribus Duum

The President’s Red Phone rang, the sound ricocheting off the Oval Office’s wall like a cursed bullet from centuries past. She immediately picked it up and began discussing the situation in Indonesia with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, who was pleased at how long the 4th Pacific fleet had lasted against overwhelming odds before being forced to retreat past Singapore.

In the neighboring ovoid room, a Red Phone rang, harmonizing with the first for just a moment before it was also picked up by the President. He sighed as he heard yet another lecture from the…

Stay in and Play

Didn’t you hear? The New Colosseum is open!

Aren’t you coming? Participation is mandatory after all.

What do you mean you don’t even know what the New Colosseum is? Wow, you’re really out of the loop, or ring I guess. Why, the New Colosseum is just the same as the old one. I mean, the New Colosseum doesn’t physically exist, because if it did, those damn Catholics would probably just use the stone for a Cathedral like they did the first time.

Who fights there? Not slaves or animals; no need to worry about that. We’re…

Harvesting the Spice of Life

This is fourth installment of the Collision series. You can read Part 5 here. If you’re new to the series, you can read Part 1 here.

Munha adjusted the collection device for the third time in a minute. She was more than used to Khmo’s seasonal gales, but the planet’s winds rarely shifted this often in the course of an hour. In fact, one-third of the planet’s citizens made a living on them not shifting during this time of year.

Gritting her teeth, she swung under the oversized metal sieve, dragging it down and to…

Perennials are so Last Year

Walking out of the office even later than usual, Julian opened up the commodities trading app on his phone, scrolling through the myriad of options; there must’ve been hundreds. Kristen told him how much money she’d made since they expanded the commodities market, giving investors a massive amount of new niches, not to mention leveling the playing field, as nobody had any experience trading in the new commodities.

Julian just wanted to dip his toe in the water, but had absolutely no clue where to start: mahogany, quartz, saffron? He’d been mulling the decision over…

This is the third entry in the Collision series. You can read Part Two here and Part Four here. If you’re new to the series, you can read Part One here.

Light shone through the church’s windows, their translucent tints creating a rainbow-colored flower on the altar as the priest gave his sermon.

“And then the Lord said to man, ‘You have failed Me and despoiled my Garden. The price has already been foretold by Saint Xeltia, and now, it must be paid.’

And so, the positions of the Sun and the Moon were switched, with the Sun’s cleansing fire…

Star Wars, Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords is possibly the best Star Wars story outside of the original movies. Despite being 15 years old, the game still has quite the cult following, thanks in large part to its excellent characters.

These characters include the dashing rogue Atton Rand, the traumatized ex-Sith Visas Marr, and the bloodthirsty HK-47, who really puts the “sass” in “assassin droid.”

But none of the game’s characters have the depth or brilliance of Kreia, a blind old woman who you find passed out, but still very much alive, in a morgue during…

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